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Windows Vista / Office 2007 - End of Support           

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There are a number of unscrupulous computer support companies, typically based overseas, who make unsolicited telephone calls to persuade you that your computer is generating error messages or has some other problem. They often give the impression that they are from Microsoft or just ‘Windows’.  They ultimately aim to charge you for them to fix non-existent problems.

We advise you not to allow them access to your PC and not to pay them any money.  It is a scam.

As you may be aware, Microsoft’s Windows Vista and also Office 2007 reach the end of extended support on 11th April 2017. This means they will no longer receive updates, even if new security vulnerabilities are discovered. This affects the majority of Windows computers purchased between late 2006 and late 2009.  Unfortunately Windows Vista did not qualify for last year's free upgrade to Windows 10 so, if a PC came with Vista it probably still has it.  An upgrade to Windows 10 is possible, but with older PCs there are often complications & incompatibilities - we do not generally recommend that option.  With likely costs of £100 - £250 to upgrade a 10 year-old computer, that money is probably better invested in a new PC.

You may still be using Windows XP or Office 2003, which became unsupported in April 2014 - these computers are even more insecure and we recommend you replace them if possible.  Many software products, including anti-virus & web browsers, no longer work on Windows XP.  The same will happen with Vista (many will recall that Google Chrome stopped supporting Vista several months ago).

You can confirm which version of Windows your PC has by opening Control Panel, System.

Alternatively, by visiting web sites such as

Please call Mike Lawrence or myself if you would like to discuss this further. We will be pleased to help.