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Computers shown here  are ideal for general use; If your situation would benefit from a better specification, an appropriate alternative will be recommended.


Windows Upgrades

Most old Windows XP computers are not suitable to run Windows 7/8/10 due to limitations of the hardware.  Those with more powerful processors & the capacity for additional memory may be able to benefit from a Windows upgrade.  We will be happy to assess your computer & advise accordingly.

New Computers

Dell Optiplex desktop computers

Dell Latitude & Inspiron laptops

Windows 7 or Windows 8

Intel i3 / i5 Dual & Quad core processors

Recycled  Items

Refurbished Desktop / Laptop computers, Printers

We usually have a variety of used / refurbished items available - contacts us for details.

New Computers from Poppy IT

We are happy to help install & setup your new computer, whether purchased though us or elsewhere.  To help with choosing a suitable model, we have put together a selection of products that meet the requirements of most of our customers.  We will of course discuss your individual requirements and recommend products accordingly.

Where budget permits, we recommend Dell's business range of desktop & laptop computers as reliability and build quality are excellent. Also, they come with Windows 7 installed & the option of upgrading to Windows 8 later.  Delivery times are much shorter.